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Shipping and Storage containers are possibly available in many counties in Georgia such as Schley, Telfair, Jenkins, Twiggs, Seminole, Chattahoochee, Baker, Lumpkin, Cobb, Haralson, Butts, Bibb, Paulding, Lanier, Forsyth, Hart, White, Franklin, Morgan, Webster, Wilkinson, Burke and more.

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Container Technology Inc

Container Technology Inc

Container Technology, Inc. has been selling shipping and storage containers to businesses and people since 1988. It provides a vast array of services, including the purchase and sale of containers, cold storage, renovations to existing containers, and mobile office space.


  • Container Alliance, NPSA USA, and Portable Refrigerated Storage are among the organizations that it is associated with.
  • It also rents out shipping containers and trailers in addition to selling them.
  • Their containers are safe, can be opened from the ground, and come in many sizes.
  • One of their skilled shop workers can make changes to their containers so that they fit your needs.
  • They have a lot of experience with custom container modifications
  • On their website, you can read what people like John M. from Forest Park, GA, Kay P. from Jefferson, GA, Jenny H. from Columbia, SC, Randy M. from Atlanta, GA, Jim G. from Gainesville, GA, and many others have to say about Container Technology Inc.

Businesses that need to move goods or keep them in storage. Container Technology, Inc. has the best service for people who need short-term or long-term storage and want to buy or rent a shipping container.



Container Technology Inc FB page has followers number 1,087 people



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The Container Technology Inc company has 21 reviews and an average rating of 4.7/5 on GBP.

#1 List

  • Custom Sized Storage / Shipping Container
  • Open Side Container
  • Double Door Container 
  • One trip / New Container
  • Open Top Container / Flat Racks and more.

Contact Details:

Address: 1055 Southern Rd, Morrow, GA 30260

Phone: (866) 518-9627


Nearby Zip Code: 30237 | 30260 | 30273 | 30274 | 30287 | 30288 | 30294 | 30297 | 30298 | 30304 | 30368 | 30374 | 30380 | 30388 | 30389

Neighboring Cities: Ellenwood | Forest Park | Riverdale | Atlanta | Conley | Ellenwood | Forest Park | Jonesboro | Morrow | Rex | Riverdale | Clayton County | DeKalb County | Fulton County

Jenco Sales, Inc.

Jenco Sales, Inc.


  • The Jenco Sales company is a family-owned and -operated business.
  • They make everything from simple storage options to custom hunting lodges, mobile offices, and dimming rooms.
  • They provide users with the opportunity to view their gallery on their primary website.
  • You can find out more about Jenco Sales Inc. on their YouTube channel which is linked on their website.
  • The slogan of Jenco Sales Inc. is “Your imagination is our limitation!”.

Please let them know if you want a custom solution or if a standard container isn’t enough. Their professional fabricators on-site can quickly change a simple container into something amazing.



Jenco Sales, Inc.’s FB page has followers number 1179 people



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The Jenco Sales, Inc. company has 67 reviews and an average rating of 4.7/5 on GBP.

#2 List

  • HVAC / Electrical
  • Doors / Windows
  • Basic Storage
  • Custom Hunting Lodges
  • Dimmer Rooms and more

Contact Details:

Address: 49 Millard Farmer Industrial Blvd, Newnan, GA 30263

Phone: (770) 254-0161


Nearby Zip Code: 30109 | 30112 | 30116 | 30118 | 30185 | 30217 | 30220 | 30251 | 30259 | 30263 | 30264 | 30265 | 30268 | 30271 | 30275

Neighboring Cities: Palmetto | Whitesburg | Bowdon Junction | Carrollton | Franklin | Grantville | Luthersville | Palmetto | Sargent | Sharpsburg | Turin | Whitesburg

Atlanta Container Trailer Sales LLC

Atlanta Container Trailer Sales LLC

Atlanta Container and Storage started practicing business in 2015. When you work with Atlanta Container and Storage, renting or purchasing containers is a simple process. They offer their services and make deliveries over the entirety of middle and northern Georgia.


  • On their website, they say that they are the best in the Atlanta metro area.
  • Atlanta Container and Trailer has a lot of different products to choose from.
  • They provide a service that can be dependent on.
  • Atlanta Container Trailer offers costs that are affordable.
  • Their official website has a section for questions that are frequently asked.
  • Refrigerated trailers are available for hire from Atlanta Container and Trailer.

Businesses that require additional office space to store their additional merchandise might get assistance from Atlanta Container Trailer. People who need to relocate bulky objects can also take advantage of the services offered by Atlanta Container Trailer.

#3 List

  • Portable Offices
  • Storage Combo
  • Trailers
  • Refrigerated Trailers and more

Contact Details:

Address: 4390 Old McDonough Rd, Conley, GA 30288

Phone: (404) 361-0939


Nearby Zip Code: 30288 | 30297 | 30298 | 30304 | 30315 | 30354 | 30368 | 30380 | 30388 | 30389 | 30396 | 30398

Neighboring Cities: Atlanta | Conley | Forest Park | Atlanta | Conley | Forest Park | Clayton County | Fulton County | Clayton | Fulton

The Shipping Container Store

The Shipping Container Store

Since 2005, The Shipping Container Store has been providing assistance to those working in the logistics and shipping industries. The mission of The Shipping Container Store is to ensure that each and every one of its clients is completely satisfied with their purchases.


  • They offer great prices along with their professionalism and dedication to service. 
  • At the Shipping Container Store, you can buy the best shipping containers that have just been taken out of use.
  • On their containers, they have doors with rubber gaskets.
  • They offer marine grade solid 1 1/8″ hardwood flooring on their containers.
  • Their shipping containers have little rust and damage, and they are resistant to wind and water.
  • You can go to their local yard and look at various units for yourself, then choose the one you want.

Shipping Container Store has products for people who need shipping containers that are built to ISO standards and are strong. Every one of their shipping containers was constructed in accordance with ISO standards, and each one has been thoroughly inspected to ensure that it lives up to the company’s stringent requirements.


Here’s who reviewed this company’s profile such as Pavel De Armas, Oliver pina, Sean Betts, and more.

The Shipping Container Store company has 3 reviews and an average rating of 4.7/5 on GBP.

#4 List

  • Foot Dry Shipping Container
  • Hi-cube Shipping Container
  • Refrigerated or Insulated Shipping Container
  • ISO Shipping Container
  • Open Top Shipping Container
  • Tank Containers and more

Contact Details:

Address: 4241 Transport City Dr, Conley, GA 30288

Phone: (888) 408-2844


Nearby Zip Code: 30288 | 30297 | 30298 | 30304 | 30315 | 30354 | 30368 | 30380 | 30388 | 30389 | 30396 | 30398

Neighboring Cities: Atlanta | Conley | Forest Park | Atlanta | Conley | Forest Park | Clayton County | Fulton County | Clayton | Fulton

Container Size

Size (In Foot)Where AvailableSize (In Foot)Where Available
825#2, #4
10#1, #330#4, #2
1640#1, #4, #3, #2
20#1, #4, #3, #245#2, #4, #1
24#353#3, #1

Container Conditions & Rent Availability

Name of the Business UsedNewRentable
Container Technology IncπŸŸ’πŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Jenco Sales, Inc.🟒🟒🟒
Atlanta Container Trailer Sales LLC🟒🟒🟒
The Shipping Container StoreπŸŸ’πŸŸ’πŸ”΄

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Many companies already sell used containers in Georgia, including ConGlobal Industries, Container Exchanger, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage, and others.

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Already, many companies rent shipping containers in Georgia, for example, Atlantic Trailer Leasing and Sales, LLC, Atlas Sales & Leasing, Mobile Space Sales-Rental LLC, and others.

Others Shipping Containers for Sale in Georgia

1. ConGlobal Industries

Address: 465 Sawtell Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30315

Phone: (404) 622-4747


2. Mobile Modular Portable Storage – Atlanta

Address: 4390 Stacks Rd, Atlanta, GA 30349

Phone: (678) 956-7079


3. Booth Storage Trailers, Inc.

Address: 2470 Blanchard Blvd, Columbus, GA 31901

Phone: (706) 653-6886


4. River Mill Data Management

Address: 3715 1st Ave Building 6A, Columbus, GA 31904

Phone: (706) 317-4716


5. Units Portable Storage

Address: 922 Stevens Creek Rd, Augusta, GA 30907

Phone: (706) 860-3566


Cities: Atlanta, Columbus, Augusta.

Shipping Container Transport Companies

Contact Details:
6232 GA-21, Savannah, GA 31407, United States
+1 800-599-0190

It is a service that helps people move their belongings from one place to another. It is a moving and shipping company that specializes in international shipments. It has locations in the US, as well as many other countries. It offers a variety of services.

Contact Details:
2304 4th St, Tucker, GA 30084, United States
+1 678-528-5794

All Transport Depot Inc is a company that helps you ship your car from the United States to other countries. They are experts in global logistics and can help you get your car to its destination safely and efficiently. It is a full-service transport company, that provides transportation services and solutions to individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. It specializes in exporting cars from the USA to other countries. It offers a free online shipping calculator that allows customers to make informed decisions about car purchases.

Contact Details:
126 Pine Meadow Dr, Pooler, GA 31322, United States
+1 912-721-5500

Freight Forwarding Service

Contact Details:
4380 International Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30354, United States
+1 404-608-0060

Future Forwarding is a company that helps other companies ship their products to different places. They have a lot of experience in the shipping business and can help your products get to their destination on time and in a cost-effective manner. It offers freight forwarding, customs brokerage, eCommerce, and domestic transportation services. It has a state-of-the-art technology platform that helps customers achieve their goals

Contact Details:
2200 Norcross Pkwy #230, Norcross, GA 30071, United States
+1 770-449-5880

ATL Courier is a company that delivers packages and goods to people and businesses in the Atlanta area. It is a 7-day-a-week, 24-hour-a-day courier service. It offers a wide range of services, including courier services, hot shot courier and trucking, local PD, nationwide air, expedited freight, tractor-trailer, and specialized equipment. It provides online access to account information and shipping status updates

Contact Details:
650 Atlanta S Pkwy # 104, Atlanta, GA 30349, United States
+1 404-341-6629

Atlanta Customs Brokers is a company that helps you with your international shipping needs. They can help you clear your shipment through customs, and they also have a warehouse where you can store your goods. It offers customized solutions. It has a multilingual staff.



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