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Containers Type

Dry storage containers, Flat rack containers, Open top containers, Open side storage containers, Double doors containers, Insulated or thermal containers, Cargo storage roll containers, and more

Container Size

  • 8’L x 8’W x 8.5’H
  • 10’L x 8’W x 8.5’H
  • 16’L x 8’W x 8.5’H
  • 20’L x 8’W x 8.5’H
  • 22’L x 8’W x 8.5’H
  • 24’L x 8’W x 8.5’H
  • 30’L x 8’W x 8.5’H
  • 40’L x 8’W x 8.5’H
  • 45’L x 8’W x 8.5’H
  • 48’L x 8’W x 8.5’H
  • 53’L x 8’W x 8.5’H

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Few Shipping Containers For Sale Corpus Christi TX Companies

Shipper Owned Container can provide all sorts of container solutions to its customers. Located in Corpus Christi, TX, Shipper Owned Container’s catalog of new and used shipping containers combined with their ability to perform modifications mean that they are the premier resource for anyone that needs tailored containers for their goods and products!

From manufacturers looking for large batches of containers to small stores needing custom crates for individual shipments, Shipper Owned Container is there to help with just about everything. Get a free personalized quote today to get started on your container journey!


GO Containers are shipping containers that are specially designed for undergoing international travel. GO Containers are certified for one-trip and come in three sizes – 20 foot, 40 foot, and 45 foot.

GO Containers are a perfect solution for businesses who need to ship products around the world, those who need quality storage solutions, or anyone looking for a durable option to transport goods. Request a quote today to invest in GO Containers and get your goods where they need to go with ease.


TUFF Shipping Containers offer a great solution for those who need to ship goods, store goods, or even use it as temporary or permanent housing. TUFF containers come in many sizes from 6 feet to 45 feet in length so you can order one that fits your needs perfectly.

Furthermore, TUFF offers fast onsite delivery for those in a hurry and financing options if budget is a concern. With TUFF, you get quality at an affordable price and delivery as soon as possible – making TUFF the perfect choice for anyone looking to buy or rent a shipping container!


Storage Container HQ is a great choice for anyone in need of secure storage. It offers storage containers in various sizes to fit every need, and has an advanced locking system for extra peace-of-mind.

Furthermore, Storage Container HQ has used shipping containers for sale in Corpus Christi, making it an affordable option if you’re looking for short or long term storage.

Ideal customers include people who need a secure environment to store their items, people looking for a great deal on their storage container in the Corpus Christi area and those who need a quote. Storage Container HQ is your one-stop shop when it comes to secure storage!


Texas Conex is an excellent Texas-based company that provides customers with quality products and services at reasonable prices. Customers can easily find the perfect size container they need, as Texas Conex offers an ample selection of sizes.

On top of this, Texas Conex also makes it convenient for customers by providing free quotes and delivery service.

Whatever you need a shipping container for – storing items securely, using as a temporary job site office, having a place for family or friends to stay, or simply having somewhere to keep large items – Texas Conex is the way to go! With their great selection and cost savings, Texas Conexis the perfect choice for all your shipping container needs. Get your free quote today!


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