Amazon Logistics Statistics: Key Findings

  • Amazon Logistics delivered around 4.75 billion packages in the United States in 2022 compared to 4.2 billion packages in 2021. 
  • In 2021, Amazon shipped an estimated 7.7 billion packages globally.
  • Amazon shipped 22% of all packages in the U.S in 2021.
  • In 2020, Amazon Logistics generated over 80 billion U.S. dollars in revenue worldwide.
  • Amazon is the largest third-party logistics providers (3PL) company in the world.
  • Amazon has 258 operational facilities in the United States and another 486 distributed around the world.

Source: (Statista, CivicScience, University of Washington, S&P Global, Global Marketing Professor.)

Amazon Logistics Delivers Record 4.75 Billion U.S. Packages in 2022

Important takeaway:

Growing demand for Amazon servicesThe increase in packages delivered indicates a rising demand.
Efficient delivery systemHandling billions of packages requires strong logistics and infrastructure.
Significant market shareHigh package volume suggests a strong position in the delivery market.

The growth in package delivery by Amazon Logistics from 2021 to 2022 highlights a rising demand for their services and an efficient delivery system capable of handling billions of packages. This substantial volume indicates a significant market share in the U.S. delivery sector.

Source: Statista

Global Reach: Amazon Shipped Whopping 7.7 Billion Packages in 2021

Important takeaway:

Global logistics dominanceThe sheer volume indicates a substantial global footprint.
High demand for Amazon’s servicesBillions of packages imply strong consumer demand.
Need for extensive infrastructureThis volume requires a robust, efficient delivery system.

Amazon’s estimated shipment of 7.7 billion packages globally in 2021 suggests a commanding presence in global logistics, buoyed by high consumer demand. The volume underscores the necessity for extensive infrastructure to ensure an efficient, reliable delivery system.

Source: CivicScience

Amazon Claimed 22% of All U.S. Package Deliveries in 2021

Important takeaway:

Strong market positionShipping 22% of all packages indicates industry leadership.
Reliable servicesSuch market share reflects trust from consumers.
Competitive landscapeAmazon competes effectively in the U.S. delivery sector.

Amazon shipping 22% of all packages in the U.S. in 2021 indicates its strong market position and reflects the trust consumers place in its services. This significant market share also demonstrates Amazon’s effectiveness in navigating the competitive landscape of the U.S. delivery sector.

Source: University of Washington

Amazon Logistics Rakes in Over $80 Billion in Global Revenue in 2020

Important takeaway:

Solid financial strengthOver $80 billion revenue points to robust financial health.
High service demandThis revenue suggests strong global demand for Amazon’s logistics services.
Global market influenceHigh revenue reflects a significant impact on the logistics sector.

Generating over $80 billion worldwide in 2020, Amazon Logistics demonstrates solid financial strength and a high demand for its services globally. This substantial revenue also indicates the company’s considerable influence and impact on the global logistics sector.

Source: Statista

Amazon Crowned Largest Third-Party Logistics Provider Worldwide

Important takeaway:

Dominant market positionBeing the largest 3PL company signifies global leadership.
Comprehensive logistics servicesTo be the largest requires broad and efficient services.
High reliability and trustThis status suggests significant trust from clients worldwide.

As the world’s largest third-party logistics (3PL) company, Amazon holds a dominant market position, offering comprehensive logistics services. This status reflects the high level of reliability and trust it commands from clients worldwide, underlining its leadership in the global logistics sector.

Source: S&P Global

Amazon Operates 744 Facilities Globally, with 258 Based in the U.S.

Important takeaway:

Extensive infrastructureThe high number of facilities indicates a robust logistics network.
Global operational reachFacilities worldwide highlight extensive international operations.
Strategic location selectionA spread of facilities implies strategic location choices.

With 258 operational facilities in the United States and another 486 globally, Amazon showcases an extensive infrastructure indicative of a robust logistics network. This spread of facilities underlines its extensive international operations and strategic location selection to optimize delivery services.

Source: Global Marketing Professor